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ImmerseCon 2024 at Henrico Sports and Events Center - Event Rules and Policies

Welcome to ImmerseCon 2024, hosted by Immerse Events Company at the Henrico Sports and Events Center. To ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for everyone, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

No Theft:

Stealing is strictly forbidden. Offenders will face immediate badge revocation and potential legal action.

Drug-Free Environment:

The use, distribution, or possession of illegal substances is prohibited. Intoxicated individuals causing disruptions will be removed.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment:

We are committed to a harassment-free environment. Any form of harassment will result in immediate expulsion.

Respect for Property:

Do not touch or damage property that isn’t yours, including facilities at the Henrico Sports and Events Center.

Non-Violence Policy:

Violence or threats of violence will result in immediate removal and possible legal actions.

Fair Play in Competitions:

Cheating is not tolerated. Offenders will be disqualified and may face bans from future events.

Dress Code: 

Wear appropriate, secure clothing. Footwear is required. Roller skates, blades, or cumbersome costumes are prohibited.

Props and Weapons Policy:

Non-metallic, safe props are allowed. All props will be inspected for safety.

Respectful Behavior:

Use costumes and props responsibly. Misconduct will lead to removal.

Reporting Issues:

Report any concerns or violations to Immersecon staff or officials at the Henrico Sports and Events Center.

The complete version of our Terms and Conditions agreement is available in a few different ways to those who are granted admission. We look forward to making ImmerseCon 2024 a memorable and safe event for all. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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