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Get Involved

ImmerseCon thrives on the unique contributions of individuals like you! Discover a world of opportunities for involvement below and be a pivotal part of bringing this extraordinary event to life.

Cream Minimalist International Volunteer Day With Colorful Hands Illustration Facebook Pos


Join Immerse Con's volunteer team and transform your enthusiasm for conventions into impactful action! Be the heartbeat of an exhilarating event, contributing to something truly spectacular. With us, you're not just volunteering at a convention, you're a vital part of the experience. Dive into the excitement – be a part of Immerse Con!

Image of ImmerseCon Panelists -  Titus Walker, Polo, AV, and Speedie from the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL)


We invite you to join us as a panelist at ImmerseCon, a premier event where innovation meets inspiration in the world of Cons. This is more than an invitation; it's a call to be a part of a transformative experience.

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