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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: Tournament

Are you ready to test your mettle in the high-stakes world of modern warfare? Stealthily move under the radar, track down your target with precision, take aim, and eliminate your adversaries at all costs. This is your call to action in the COD MW3 III Championship at ImmerseCon. Seize the opportunity to prove yourself as the ultimate warrior in a battleground where only the best survive.

Sign up today and embark on a mission to claim the coveted title of ImmerseCon's Top Sharpshooter.

MW3 CDL Ruleset

Random Team Formation:
Randomly assign the 30 players into 6 teams of 5 players each. You can use a random team generator or draw names from a hat to ensure fairness.

Round Robin Stage

Each team will play against every other team in a round-robin format.

Teams earn points based on wins and ties.

Top teams advance to the playoffs based on their performance in the round-robin stage

Playoff Stage

Single-elimination bracket with the top teams from the round-robin stage.

Quarterfinals: Winners and runners-up from the round-robin stage competition.

Semifinals: Winners of quarterfinal matches face off.

Finals: Winners of semifinal matches compete for the championship.

MW3 1v1 Me Bro!

Random Loadouts:

Each player will be assigned the same random loadout for each match.


All matches will be played on Gunfight Maps

Round Robin Stage

Divide the 30 players into 6 groups of 5 players each.


Each group will play a round-robin format.

The top 2 players from each group advance to the playoffs.

Playoff Stage

Single-elimination bracket with 12 players.

Quarterfinals: 6 winners from Round Robin vs. 6 runners-up from Round Robin.

Semifinals: Winners of the Quarterfinals face off.

Finals: Winners of the Semifinals compete for the championship.

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