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Don't Steal
Theft will not be tolerated.  If you are caught stealing from anyone or appropriating items not expressly indicated as "free", immediate action will be taken. Anyone caught stealing will have their badge revoked and will be escorted off the premises. Depending on the severity, police intervention may also be taken. 

Don't Do Drugs
The buying, selling, or consumption of any illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught selling illegal substances will be prosecuted by local law enforcement. Furthermore, anyone found to be noticeably intoxicated and/or effecting other attendees' experience will have their badge revoked and will be escorted off the premises.

Don't Harass People
We have zero tolerance for harassment in any form, whether verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual.  We are cultivating an environment where individuals can be themselves without judgment or reproach.  If you are caught or reported to be harassing anyone, your badge will be revoked and you will be escorted off the premises. 

Don't Touch Stuff That Isn't Yours
If something is not yours, don't touch it.  It is as simple as that. This also applies to the hosting property.  If you see something out of place or potentially forgotten, contact a staff member or Show Management. Remember, if you break it, you buy it.

Don't Hit People
Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.  Every attendee has the right to a safe and non threatening event.  If you have been assaulted in any way, contact a staff member or Show Management immediately. A staff member can always be found at the information booth. If you are caught or found to have assaulted anyone, immediate action will be taken. Anyone who has assaulted another person will have their badge revoked and will be escorted off the premises. Depending on the severity, police intervention may also be taken.

Don't Cheat
Cheating is strictly prohibited.  All participants in games (whether video games, board games, arcade games, etc.) are expected to follow the rules and basic etiquette of gaming.  Don't be "that guy" that cheats when everyone is trying to have fun. Players caught cheating in any tournaments will be immediately disqualified and black listed from any future tournaments. Don't Cheat!

We're trying to cultivate an environment that is safe for everyone. If you feel like any one of these rules have been broken notify an a staff member, or event management immediately. Someone will always be available to help you.

Dress Code

These simple rules will help you make sure you come to the show looking fabulous! Please note: These are the basic rules of our dress code. The staff reserves the right to tell you to change on a judgment call basis. We would suggest that you bring a change of clothes if you feel your outfit may be inappropriate. Anyone found in breach of the following rules will be forced to change or will have to leave the show until they come back in more appropriate attire. 

Your outfit must be sturdy enough that it doesn’t fall apart from an accidental nudge or stumble. 

Your outfit must cover you at least as well as a modest swimsuit would. This includes thongs or other minimal bottoms. Additionally there are no pasties, tape,  paint or transparent outerwear in lieu of a full coverage top.

Your outfit must have shoes or sandals that ensure that no part of your foot touches the floor at any time. 

You cannot wear roller skates, blades, or any variation thereof. (You may still have the skates with you – usually worn by the laces around the neck for photo purposes, you just can’t wear them in the convention area.)

Skateboards and hoverboards are not allowed.

You cannot connect yourself to another person. (No chains, leashes, ropes, or anything else that limits the mobility of another person. This is a safety hazard and thus is not allowed.)

No Nudity. All costumes must be PG-13, PG, or G

Signs are not costumes.

All props must pass the weapons policy, even if you just want to use them during the cosplay contest.


We cannot stop people from looking at you in costume. Please consider this when deciding what to wear.

Props and Weapons Policy

Please note: These are the basic rules of our props and weapons policy. The staff reserves the right to rule a prop/weapon as unsafe on a judgment call basis. This policy is in place for the safety of all attendees, exhibitors and staff. Accidents happen but we can keep these rules in place to prepare as much as possible. If your prop or weapons is found to be unsafe a staff member will ask you to take it away from the premises. Anyone found in breach of the following rules will not be able to enter the show until the item in question is turned over to the staff. 

Banned Props

These props and weapons are banned. 


Metal Objects- This includes but is not limited to edges (sharp or not) and heavy metal. 

Swords, knives, shurikens and other bladed or pointy weapons

Golf clubs, pipes, baseball bats

Metal armor

Metal tools such has hammers or heavy wrenches


Projectile Weapons- All projectile weapons are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

Airsoft guns of any time, functional or broken. 

Stun guns or tasers

Functional water guns

Functional Nerf guns

Real crossbows or bows (including real arrows)


Signs- Signs are not costumes. 

Baseball Bats- Metal and wooden bats are prohibited. Cardboard, plastic, Nerf and foam bats are permitted so long as you don’t wave them around.

Skateboards and hoverboards are not allowed on the  property.

Real whips

Allowed Props & Weapons

These items are allowed with certain limitations.

Easily identifiable toy plastic guns. Nerf guns are only permitted if they are unable to fire or be enabled to fire. Water guns may be permitted if they are permanently disabled.

Wooden bokken, staffs or walking sticks

Fake weapons made from cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, or other craft materials

Prop bows and arrows – A prop bow must not be able to fire a projectile or be enabled to fire a projectile. If the string can be drawn, it will not be allowed. Projectiles (arrows, bolts, Nerf projectiles) are not allowed unless they are unable to be fired.

Large props – If a prop is so large that a single person cannot safely carry it without endangering others, it is not allowed.

Large costumes – If a costume is so large, heavy, or cumbersome that the wearer cannot safely move without the aid of another person, it is not allowed inside the host location. Basically, if you can cause injury to someone else by running them down with your cosplay, it won’t be allowed past convention checkpoints.

Heavy props – If your prop is so heavy that you cannot safely carry it by yourself, it is too heavy

Any attendee found engaging in horse play or misusing their props or weapons in any way will immediately have that item confiscated. If anyone is found to have breached the rules above will have their badge revoked and will be escorted off the premises. 

All props & weapons will be reviewed by a staff member prior to entering the show. Please proceed to the prop check table located right behind the ticket booth at the show entrance.


If you have any questions about the props and weapons policy, please email info at

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