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Tekken 8 Tournament

Step into the ring with your favorite unique fighter and prepare to dominate the competition in the ImmerseCon Tekken 8 Championship. This is your chance to showcase your skills, perfect your combos, and outsmart your opponents in a display of strength and strategy. Sign up today and take on the challenge to crush your rivals and ascend to the top. Are you ready to make your mark and become a champion in the world of Tekken 8?

Round Robin Stage

Divide the 30 players into 6 groups of 5 players each.

Each group will play a round-robin format.

Top 2 players from each group advance to the playoffs.

Playoff Stage

Double-elimination bracket with 12 players.

Winners Bracket

Round 1: Winners of Round Robin groups (seeded based on performance) compete.

Round 2: Winners of Round 1 matches face off. 


Continue until there is a winner in the Winners Bracket.

Loser Bracket

Jin Kazama picture

Round 1: Runners-up from Round Robin groups compete.

Round 2: Losers of Winners Bracket Round 1 matches compete. 


Continue until there is a winner in the Losers Bracket.


Winners Bracket winner faces Losers Bracket winner. If the Losers' Bracket
the winner wins the first match, a bracket reset occurs, and they play again.

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